The establishment of the firm:

In 2008 the founders of the architecture firm “atelier d’architecture Brodbeck et Roulet sa” established in 1978 by RinoBrodbeck and Jacques Roulet, decided to create a new office by forming a partnership with 3 close associates: Mathias Buchi, Emmanuel Charpié et Hervé Fournier.
This new society named “br architectes associés sa” has appeared in Geneva’s companies register since july 21st 2008.
The main objective for this new society is to continue the work started by “atelier d’architecture Brodbecket Roulet sa” in order to offer to the clients the same architecture expertise, project management, experience and tradition developed by “atelier d’architecture Brodbeck et Roulet sa”.

Office philosophy:

br architectes associés sa“ continues with the same work philosophy of the original architecture office. Assuring the continuance of its “constructive culture”. Our strategy when conceiving a project is to realize that the future users are the center of all concerns. Our thought process is completed by a pragmatic approach that considers the program, function, budget, time, the construction dimension and sustainable development.

Many projects were developed in collaboration with l’Atelier d’Architecture Brodbeck & Roulet SA, which allowed us to combine our resources, therefore optimizing our efficiency and our responsiveness to the clients needs

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